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1337 Guns is a WAD that replaces almost all weapons with new models, sprites and makes them weaker. It also makes some monsters much powerful (e.g.: Cyberdemon is much faster and has more HP).


  • Brass-Knuckled Fists: Same model, but much weaker.
  • Chainsaw: Same model, nothing changed.
  • Pistol: New Model and Sprite, it is weaker and it has to be reloaded after each shot.
  • Shotgun: New Model and Sprite which looks more futuristic and fires plasma,
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun: It uses the same model from Blood by Moonlith Soft.
  • Chaingun: Changed, looks somehow like a more futuristic BFG, fires green plasma.
  • RPG: Looks like a modern bazooka, fires homing missles.
  • Plasma Gun: Looks like the Smartgun from Alien series, but fires plasma.
  • BFG: 5 Barreled Gun, 600 cells for 1 shot.


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