Aboocean.wad is a strange and obscure Doom II wad submitted to the DoomWorld id games archive on July 11th, 2003 created by a user named Bob Reganess.

A somewhat hard to find and surrealist .wad, Aboocean is a mod that contains a couple maps with no real story follow up or any sense of reason. The entire wad seems to take place in what is said to

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be a tropical island, to some kind of dry ice (which is a re-texture of the exploding barrel) storage hall that leads to two more areas of unknown purpose. It is said to be a difficult wad, due to the requirement of finding secrets throughout the level to progress onward. Aboocean can be played on most source ports for Doom II and contains a small amount of custom made textures and sounds. Many of the sounds which are somewhat glitched or unchanged, for example, the pistol firing sound has a strange brief beep noise after the gun is shot. The music seems to start out up-beat and get stranger as the levels progress. Seagulls can also be found mainly where the Former Human and Shotgun Guys can be found on the first level. The seagulls will make calls although it is most likely the replaced sound of the zombie idle groan, due to the fact that sometimes no seagulls can be seen.


From the description on the idgames archive page:

"This island is so hot even the troops are in shorts. And these damn seagulls are everywhere. They learned to eat by following the troops and scavenging among the dead. If ya hear the seagulls then ya can bet there's a troublemaker nearby. The only way to keep cool is stay near the big blocks dry ice but even that can be dangerous. I thought I had this place to myself but son of a.........."


The mod was said to be poorly done to most and weird or good to some in a sense of how strange it is, despite the little user reception this mod has due to its obscurity. Aboocean has a reasonably small amount of albeit poorly made content.

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