Alexander John Pritchard, better known by the nickname "pritch", is an English member of the Doom community.

He has done beta-testing for some important projects over the years, including Mike "Cyb" Watson's MassMouth, as well as many stand-alone WADs from mappers such as Will "Archvile46" Hackney.

He is on the staff at Doomworld forums and has on occasion filled in as /newstuff Chronicles reviewer.

He has written several fanfics based on Doom, and has helped write storylines for RTC-3057 and other projects.

He quit ZDaemon in 2005, but has competed in tourneys and been placed as high as 4th in European competitons in 1v1 and CTF.

He is something of a Doom gameplay purist, advocating the use of modern features in source ports only as far as they enhance the original gameplay.

Pritch's favourite mappers of all-time are Christopher Lutz and Drake O'Brien.

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