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Doom 3 maps

Alpha Labs - Sector 4: Union Aerospace Science Division is the eighth level of Doom 3. The player must navigate either the EFR or the bridge. The level also includes the infamous "they took my baby" sequence. At the end of the level, the Vagary (first boss) appears.


Video Disks



Monster Count
Vagary 1
Imp 21/21/23
Maggot 7/7/8
Trite 71
Machinegun Z-Sec 14
Pistol Z-Sec 4
Shotgun Z-Sec 9
Weapon Count
Shotgun 9
Machine Gun 3
Chaingun 1
Plasma gun 2
Ammunition Count
Pistol ammo (small) 2
Pistol ammo (large) 1
Shotgun shells (small) 4
Machine Gun ammo (small) 11
Machine Gun ammo (large) 8/8/7
Chaingun belt 6/6/5
Plasma cells (small) 4
Plasma cells (large) 4
Misc. items Count
Adrenaline 4
Small medkit 6/6/4
Large medkit 14/14/8
Armor shard 53/53/56
Security armor 11/11/9
Video disk 1
  • For cells of the form x/y/z, x corresponds to Recruit difficulty, y to Marine, and z to Veteran/Nightmare.
  • Items that can only be acquired by using console commands are excluded.

Cabinet Codes

  • Storage Cabinet #064: Tools - 651

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