Anthony Garza

HAZMAT Specialist


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Monorail Skybridge: Facility Transport (emails only)

Anthony R. Garza (Identification Number: 4222-18) was a HAZMAT specialist assigned to Sector 1 of the Recycling Plant on Mars. He received a rocket launcher from Michael Abrams to blow up surplus toxic barrels.

Anthony's PDA can be found in the Toxic Disposal Maintenance area.

PDA contents


New Rocket Launcher (10-30-2145)

I'm sending you one of the new rocket launchers that we've received from the marines. Please take some of the surplus toxic barrels lying around outside and blow them up. Be careful not to hurt yourself - the area damage is much larger than previous rocket launcher models.

Thank You,
Michael Abrams

RE: New Rocket Launcher (11-04-2145)

I put in a request for more rocket ammo, I didn't realize how many barrels we needed destroyed.

----Original Message----
Sent: 10-31-2145
To: Michael Abrams

Mr. Abrams,
Thank you for the rocket launcher but I will need more than the pre-installed five rockets for it. We have quite a few barrels here that need to be destroyed. I've placed it on my weapons rack for now and will begin destroying the barrels once I have more ammo.

Thank You,

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