For the collectible item, see Argent Energy Cell.

Argent plasma was discovered by Samuel Hayden and the Union Aerospace Corporation. It was discovered in Hell, and seemed to defy previous laws of physics on other forms of plasma. While plasma itself is a superheated gas to the point of freeing electrons to become ionized, Argent plasma seems to be stable at higher than thought possible temperatures and can energize objects it comes into contact with. It revolutionized energy and was able to allow humanity to meet their energy requirements. It was also integrated into all forms of technology to become practically ubiquitous. Furthermore, Argent energy also makes oil, nuclear power and solar energy become obsolete due to its unlimited source and high energy efficiency.


  • Argent itself means silver or white, being a tincture of silver. It was often used on symbols of heraldry. It derives from Latin argentum, again meaning silver.

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