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This article is about the 2016 reboot version of the BFG. For the weapon in the classic games, see BFG9000. For the weapon in Doom 3, see BFG9000 (Doom 3).

The BFG 9000 (stands for Big Fucking Gun) is a weapon in Doom. It is a huge powerful gun, which utilizes plasma from Argent Energy. Similar to the Chainsaw, it cannot be found on the weapon wheel. It is accessible by default by tapping the "T" key.

Tactical analysis

The BFG 9000 fires a green burst of plasma, damaging nearby enemies near the projectile during flight and upon explosion, and is the most powerful weapon in the game, as it is able to kill any non-boss creature in 1 hit.

However, bosses can be stunned with one direct hit for a few seconds, which can be used to break up an attack. The weapon is very useful in dangerous situations or against a large group of powerful creatures.

Unlike most weapons, no modifications can be added to the BFG 9000, nor can any improvements be made. It also holds up to 3 shots, however there is an upgrade that can be made for enemies to have a small chance of dropping BFG ammo.

Ammo else is rare but can be found as seperate green pickups found throughout the level. Because of this, it is recommended to use this weapon as a last resort or against difficult enemies.

The BFG is one of the 3 power weapons available in Multiplayer, where it is an excellent way to kill demons or clear large areas of enemies. As with the Chainsaw and the Gauss Cannon, the Weapon Mod allows the user to see enemies through walls.


  • The overall appearance and function of the BFG-9000 appears to combine many features of previous BFG iterations; its overall design appears to be based of the movie incarnation with its color scheme calling back to its classic design. Its projectile behaves similarly to the Doom 3 incarnation.


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