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The Berserk sphere is a returning powerup that appears in Doom (2016). Similar to its effect in other Doom games, the Berserk powerup significantly increases the damage of the player's melee attacks, allowing the player to insantly Glory Kill demons. Similar to its appearence in the original Doom and Doom II, the Berserk powerup will also cover the players screen with a red haze.


In-Game Description


Test subjects exposed to this sphere exhibit extreme rage and increased strength. It has been noted that subjects given the Berserk sphere will vent their rage on any living creature they can find, and will even self-harm if they have no outlet for their fury. In the extremely rare case that a subject survives exposure, they will be left in a perpetual state of delirium and should be exterminated.

Combat Characteristics

When the player picks up a Berserk powerup, they will immediately switch to their fists, the only time the fists make an appearence in-game. After this, the player can instantly Glory Kill demons in a variety of unique ways. Higher-ranking demons such as the Baron of Hell can also be instantly Glory Killed. The player's movement speed will also increase slightly. The player can continue instantly Glory Killing enemies until the powerup meter seen at the bottom of the screen is empty.

Tactical Analysis

Like most other powerups, the Berserk sphere can be found in locations where wave events take place. As a result, it is wise to wait until higher-ranking demons begin spawning or the player begins to become overwhelmed before picking up the powerup. The powerup lasts for a limited time, so the player should attempt to kill as many demons as possible.


  • The Berserk powerup has had the most drastic design changes out of powerups seen in the Doom series. In the original Doom and Doom II, the Berserk powerup appears as a black medikit. In Doom 3, the Berserk powerup appears as a floating demonic helmet and in Doom 2016, the Berserk powerup appears as a floating red sphere.

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