• Dominikus.sadsuittubun

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  • Sogrubegroj

    Im running out of Megawads!!!! , is there any other good megawads outhere???, ive already played Alien vendetta, Hell revelead 1 and 2, TNT, PLutonia, Master levels, Scythe, etc...and i like this game so much becouse i just love killing monsters between my favorite metal music, i really love it and a big percentage of my psicological sanity depends on it, and i dont want it to end???!!! do you guys know my situation?? can anyone really help whit and endless list of megawads good as those up?? (exept Scythe maybe XD), maybe some magic software in which i can upload big list of individual maps??? AMAZING IDEA RIGTH??? im not a programer, but i think that such a program can ofer the oportunity of endless doom gaming....please create such apl…

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  • Rutgerman95

    Doom 64 images

    April 4, 2010 by Rutgerman95

    Yo Doomguys,

    I tried to upload the images of the weapons/monsters from Doom 64, because of their altered appearances.

    But someone told me (and he's right) that my pictures were too dark and he barely could see what there was on.

    Please help to upload better pictures of Doom 64's arsenal and/or Baddies.

    Thanks, Rutgerman95

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  • Sogrubegroj

    First of all got to say im new on wikia, and latelly ive been playing doom again and all the amazing mega wads, there is NOTHING like this doom wikia when it comes to important information i love this and i hope people keeps making amazing megawads so doom never becomes abandonware style, which will never be the case but you sure understand my adiction, ok now to the point, Ive been searching for a while sience ive begun playing Alien Vendetta, amazing Mega Wad maybe the best, but ive never been able to find any Lmp. files from it???, just some lazy compet-N broken kinks..., and all option seem to take me on the same place, well im already on level 29 but i tend to like seen how other players did made the levels themselfs, specially on Ven…

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  • Ryan W

    I've been looking at Usenet conversations from 1994, trying to learn which Doom mods stood out from the crowd in the very early days. 10 Years of Doom made a list of the "best" releases, but a gaming experience can be memorable for other reasons; I'm looking for the levels that did something sloppily for the first time, and the levels people played for hours and hours despite their production values. (Or perhaps because of them, the way you find yourself watching the same ninja movie once a day for an entire summer.)

    I'll most likely start a handful of new articles, and any notability questions can be raised in the usual manner. First, though, a few things not often discussed about 1994:

    • Just scrolling through subject lines at the start was…
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  • Zapwire

    Happy birthday DOOM!

    December 10, 2009 by Zapwire

    It's 16 years old, and yet it still has that same old charm. Way to go!

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  • Cron888

    Any ideas for new monsters???

    November 12, 2009 by Cron888

    you now how doom has lots of monsters right? Well this blog is for new monster ideas. the Doom series has lots of monsters like the,








    Final boss,

    And more,

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  • Yznopliongus

    Trying to find a program

    September 25, 2009 by Yznopliongus

    That i once found on id's website that you can 'talk' to. like how doom would display messages when you tried to exit the game and shit.

    does anyone know what the f it's called? I know it had some name but i can't find it anywhere. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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