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Blood TC is a total conversion of Doom II featuring elements from the Build engine game Blood. It was succeed by ZBlood and the new ZBlood+ extension project. The WAD features a few recreations of Blood levels, including the begining where the character Caleb rises from his grave. The game features recreations of many Blood enemies and most Blood weapons - including an attempt to put the Blood dynamite on the Doom engine.

The WAD had two released versions in 2006 and was principally created by J. S. "Psyren" Graham and later helped by Joseph "Doorhenge" Otey. Otey later suggested a move to ZDoom, a more Build-like source port and the ZBlood project was founded.

The WAD comes with a short backstory describing Caleb resting for a year after defeating Tchernobog, only to find him alive and well and taunting him. From there on the player has to defeat Cabal minions and even a mimic Tchernobog to defeat the dark lord and "shut him up for good."

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