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Equipo Bravo
Bravo Team





Killed in Action

First appearance

Enpro Plant

"Marine, Bravo Team is down. Their operational status is unknown."
― Sergeant Kelly, reporting Bravo Team's status to Doomguy after entering the EnPro facility [src]

Bravo Team was a squad of marines stationed on Mars City in Doom 3.

When the demons invaded Mars, Bravo Team was one of the few groups of marines to survive the initial wave of the attack.

The Primary Mission of Bravo Team's marines was to retrieve science personnel and eliminate hostile threats along with reaching the central communications tower to send a distress call to Earth's Fleet.

Bravo Team reached Marine HQ (before the player) where Sergeant Kelly assumed they were the last combat operational fireteam. When he realized the player survived, he commands him to link up with Bravo.

The marine squad meanwhile manages to open their way through Alpha Labs fighting off demons and suffering several casualties as they keep reporting their operational status directly to Sergeant Kelly at his new HQ Center down at Delta Labs.

The player spends the first third of the game attempting to meet up with Bravo Team. However, Bravo Team is ambushed by a group of Imps and Wraiths at the Enpro Plant, and by the time the player reaches their location, the entire team has been wiped out, save for a single, badly wounded marine.

The surviving marine from Bravo Team gives the player a special transmission card that will allow the player to send a distress call to Earth's Fleet. Moments later, the lone survivor is attacked and killed by a Wraith.


  • Doom3-thechewbox02

    Bravo Team marines fighting back.

    There are two Bravo Team members that have their name given: Sam Lane and John.
  • The team leader of Bravo Team is Sam Lane (You can hear this in the cinematic when Bravo Team gets killed. "This is Lane, give me status.")
  • When the team gets wiped out, two Bravo Team marines do survive: the one that gives the player the transmission card (though he is killed soon after) and the lone survivor from The Lost Mission.
  • In Doom Resurrection, a survivor of Bravo Team awakens after the ambush on his squad, he is  greeted by a UAC scientist named Dr. Garret and his droid Sam, and is sent on a mission to reach and assist a spaceship waiting to take multiple survivors off the planet.

Bravo Team Quotes

"Command HQ, this is Bravo Team. We've got one marine down, two wounded."

"Command HQ, this is Bravo Team. We've got one man down and several wounded. We are incoming and need medical on station, stat!"

"Bravo Team, entry secure. Move in and take positions."

"Quiet! Did you hear that?!"

"This is Lane, give me status."

"Hallway's clear."

"There's nothing here, Sam."

"What the hell?!"

"Son of a bitch!"

"Lane, I'm swinging around left."

"I'm moving in!"

"Man Down!"

"John? Johnny?"

"I'm moving right! Cover me!"

"Watch yourself."

"Fire! Fire!"

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