Bruce Jackson

Security Guard


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Delta Complex: Union Aerospace Research Division (emails only)

Bruce L. Jackson (Identification Number: 3447-70) was a security guard reassigned to the CPU Complex on Mars. He was reassigned there the day before the demon invasion due to reports of security breaches in the weeks prior.

Bruce's PDA can be found in the Delta Main Lobby area, alongside (presumably) his blood and severed arm.

PDA Contents


Drowning in Debt? (11-04-2145)

Lost all your money?
Job not paying you enough?
Woman took all your credits?


Martian Buddy has got you covered.

You can earn extra credits every week by helping us in our direct marketing campaign.
All you need to do is send out emails from the comfort of your own computer and rake in the credits - it's that easy.

Contact Martian Buddy for more details.

Security Assignment (11-14-2145)


You have been reassigned to the CPU Complex effective immediately. We've had numerous reports of computer break-ins and security breaches there in the last few weeks.

I've placed a rocket launcher in the cabinet near the security checkpoint. The door code is 571. I know a rocket launcher might seem excessive but people tend to listen when you point it at them.

Be careful over there and remember to report anything odd immediately.

Michael Abrams

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