The Possessed are a new breed of former humans introduced in Doom. Mindless enemies transformed from UAC workers into violent cannon fodder by Olivia Pierce's Hellwave, they act as common and easily-dispatched enemies for the player to combat during the early areas of the game.


The Possessed are humans who have been taken over by the forces of Hell, with mutated and deformed appearances. They are created from many different types of UAC personnel, from civilian workers to military and security forces, and appear largely in the early portions of the game as an introduction to combat.

Appearance-wise, they can be distinguished by what remains of their UAC outfits and their surprisingly diminutive stature compared to the player. Up close, it is evident that their mutation has taken great effect physically; their skin is almost mummified and brown in colour, and their skin seems to be fused with parts of their armor and weapons, and their movement is erratic and slow.

Strategically, the Possessed are extremely weak and easily eliminated with a quick melee strike or repeated attack from any weapon. They cannot move particularly fast or hit particularly hard, meaning the player is always at a huge advantage in comparison to them and their main goal is often as a reprieve or distraction for the more powerful demons encountered; alone, they are barely capable as a threat, but in large groups, they should not be allowed too close for caution's sake. However, the Possessed Soldier and Security should not be underestimated as they both are armed with firearms and the latter even has a powerful shield which can take a lot of damage before breaking.

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