Charles Hollies

EAP Director General


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Monorail: Facility Transport (audio log only)

Charles L. Hollies (Identification Number: 5437-98) was the director general of the EAP, and was assigned to the Monorail on Mars.

Charles' PDA can be found in the Site 2 Boarding Platform area. It contains a code for a nearby cabinet.

PDA contents

Audio Logs

EAP Policy Modification :: Site 2

This is the audio log of Charles Hollies, EAP director, dated September 5th, 2145.

In order to conserve current life support resources, effective October 1st, 2145, the council has made a decision that all environment processors be brought offline in the general area of Site 2. Tomorrow, I will be sending out emails to all team leaders asking for an update on their asset relocation program to Site 3. We feel that we have unearthed enough useful material, as it pertains to the project from Site 2, and choose to now devote resources in the exploration of Site 3.

End log recording.


Site 2 Closure (10-11-2145)

Mr. Hollies,

I would like to report that the main tunnel passage to Site 2 has been sealed. I will transfer the door codes to the archaeological division today. For all practical purposes that dig site is now closed for good.

Thank You,
Yon Brady

Remaining Ammunition (10-13-2145)

Mr. Hollies,

As you requested I've placed all remaining ammunition from the security team stationed at Site 2 in storage cabinet 054 with door code: 142.

Thank You,
Yon Brady

Artifact Inventory Tracking (10-27-2145)

Charlie Hollies,

We've received a few artifacts from Site 2, without proper discovery and time-date information on them. It is very difficult processing all these pieces when we don't know where or when they were uncovered. Please check your records and send the requested information back to me for artifacts 34-x91, 21-x23, and 86-y12.

Phil Wilson
Delta Research Team

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