Charlie Haskell

Delta Labs Technician


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Central Processing: Processing Distribution Center (audio log only)

Charlie D. Haskell (Identification Number: 8890-13) was a Delta Labs technician assigned to Central Processing on Mars.

Charlie's PDA can be found in the Lab A Meeting Room.

PDA contents

Audio Logs

Request for System Time

This is the audio log of Charlie Haskell, Delta Labs technician, dated September 23rd, 2145.

We're making good progress in increasing the max range of Chamber 3 in the Delta Complex. We've been crunching numbers all night and feel that, with a few slight modifications, we should be able to boost output to cover all of Delta. The latest scheduled changes are wreaking havoc on our current systems and it's not uncommon to see system utilization at 99% for days at a time.

We understand that Lab A has finally received the Enrex 6809 systems. Please consider this a formal request for a block of two hours to run our latest formulas at the soonest available time.


Mail Delivery Failure (11-13-2145)

Failed to deliver to ''.
STTP module(domain
host name is unknown

Reporting-MTA dns;

Original-Recipient rtg374;<>
Final-Recipient rtg374;<>
Action failed
Status 5.0.0
Received from [] (account chaskell HELL
  by (SpaceGate Pro STTP 5.2.6)
  with ESMTP id 8302948-033-4488291 for; Thu, 13 Nov 2145 173249 -0500
Message-Id <>
X-Mailer MARSMAILER Xenerix Vartoxi Version 9.3
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2145 173249 -0500
From Charlie Haskell <>
Subject MFC Failsafe failure
Mite-Version 3.6
Content-Type text/plain; charset=us-ascii16; format=flowed

How have you been? (11-15-2145)


How have you been? I hear things are getting pretty busy over there. Rumors are flying that you guys are on to something big. BTW I left you some goodies in locker 669. The combination is 468. Sorry, I had to take back the pr0n video disc! Take care mate!


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