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A WAD editor allows you to edit WAD files to add and modify sprites, music, DeHackEd patches and other things. Some level editors have a WAD editor built in, like DeePsea.

While XWE has long been considered a standard, it has not been developed for several years and has various compatibility issues with versions of Windows newer than XP, and can easily corrupt your WADs. If you are new to editing, it is strongly recommended that you consider SLADE instead. It is more stable, is much more flexible, and is still (as of April 2014) being actively maintained. Use XWE only at your own risk.

If you are interested in map editing, SLADE and Doom Builder are good choices. WadAuthor requires paid registration, and is an older utility that does not support the newest map formats like UDMF for modern source ports such as ZDoom.




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