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Clan Delta was a prominent Doom clan that originated on Doom Connector in October, 2004. Eventually, ElitePrime (the founder), Devin, ItalianStallion, and Saph co-led the clan. Although Delta played many source ports, Skulltag was their preference. A handful of members mapped and played cooperative games, yet deathmatch grew into the prime mode of play, and the tag "<C-D>" was used in matches. Membership steeply rose to around two dozen within several months; however, internal disputes caused the clan to disband in March 2005. Once disbanded, some of the members continued to contribute to the Doom community: submerge went on to create Doom Levels; Rivecoder went on to program and lead Skulltag; and GhostlyDeath went on to start ReMooD. Nautilus, ElitePrime's brother, entered the multiplayer scene the month the clan died to eventually join UD and involve himself in various map projects.

Former Members

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