Typical Cobiwad nonsence.

Cobiwads - obscure, recent "genre" of mysterious and strange trollwads produced by a group of novice polish Doom people calling themselves "ZICR".


Cobiwads are very similiar to wads such as Sky May Be, with pure nonsensical and unplayable levels. They are filled with various stupid enemies, mostly pictures of various instant food products and close-up faces of Cobi block figurines. Enemies erupt with ear-rape and nonsencial sounds mainly in Polish, few examples including a crude cut-out of Doof Wagon screaming "Tu Zygzak McQueen, a co ty nie nosisz rajstopek?" which means "It's Lightning McQueen, why you won't you wear your pantyhoses?", or face of Polish movie actor Krzysztof Kowalewski shouting "Mayo, mayo!". Wads are usualy very poorly made, with crude enemies replacing normal ones, for example giant pictures of DeBrazza guenon shooting Cobi figurines replacing Former Humans. Biggest Cobiwad to date is "COBI DOOM" consisting of 4 levels, which are mostly unplayable due to absurd enemies (NKVD soldiers called "insurgents" shooting insta-kill nukes or eternally respawning gibbon-shooting furious and fast Cobi faces) and weird easter eggs, such as one room where player's source port always crashes due to an extremely loud scream.

Recurring themes

Recurring themes of those wads include Cobi itself, characters and vehicles from Mad Max: Fury Road, Pikserki brand processed cheese, instant noodles, Hirohito Duck from 1942's Ducktators, rectangularly-cut-out faces of polish satirician Maciej Frączyk and various primates. It is very hard to get any of those wads excluding COBI DOOM, as they are only shared on ZICR's private discord servers.

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