This article gives technical information about the Doom II/Final Doom application file. For gameplay information and walkthroughs, see Doom II, TNT: Evilution, or The Plutonia Experiment.

DOOM2.EXE is the main executable for the original DOS versions of Doom II and Final Doom.

Latest version of Doom II

Version 1.9 is 709905 bytes in size. It has the following hashes:


Final Doom

The executables distributed with the DOS version of Final Doom were both also named DOOM2.EXE. They are both identical. The name displayed when running them depends on what IWAD the executable detects on invocation.

Despite some significant differences from the DOOM2.EXE provided with Doom II, Final Doom's DOOM2.EXE also claims to be version 1.9.


Older versions

VersionFile dateSize(bytes)MD5 hash sum
1.666 (Pirated) 1994-08-25 686921 b9c24975cb0c064a7c4f39c1d0b999ae
1.666 1994-08-30 687001 22e3fc7854f030df977d26faf1e342be
1.7 1994-09-21 686993 ef9a1f197d56a174097a2af3ccdd7403
1.7a 686997 3de58b8f768e990856764df982ad5043
1.8 709865 b2d429377b0912475f1770d0e03f632d

Pirated versions

A number of pirated versions of Doom modified the files in some way. In order to prevent these from being useful, a number of ID and non-ID tools attempt to detect well-known stolen copies.


The Dehacked EXE-editing tool will display the following message if the DOOM2.EXE file is 686921 bytes in length:

Using Doom 2 v1.666
You are not using a legal copy of Doom.  This copy (created on
8/25/94) was stolen from Id and spread widely by software pirating
groups.  This is a lame way to have fun at the expense of a cool
company like Id.  Buy a legal copy of Doom today!

Dehacked will then pause for 180 clock-ticks. The length of a clock-tick depends on the operating system and processor: POSIX defines the value to be 1000000 clock ticks per second.


The official patching method supplied by ID Software will refuse to operate if it detects what it thinks is a pirated copy of Doom 2.

According to doomworld, the doom2p PATCH.EXE variant will not operate on a version of Doom II dated 1994-08-25, as this version is declared pirated.

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