Daniel Young

Crane Operator




Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Mars City Underground: Union Aerospace Subsystems

"Welcome to the dungeon, brother. Enjoy your stay."
― A sarcastic Daniel Young, greeting the Marine [src]

Daniel M. Young (Identification Number: 8946-55) was a crane operator assigned to the Mars City Underground on Mars. He was cynical about his job, as he found it very boring. He passed the time by reading his PDA and talking to nearby co-workers. He is somewhat friendlier towards new people than other denizens of Mars City, though if you fiddle with the crane controls he will be annoyed. Shortly before the demon invasion, Daniel was offered a promotion by Frank Delahue.

When the player meets Daniel Young in Doom 3, he greets the player to the Underground, referring to it as 'the dungeon'. If the player persists in speaking to him, he will say that you're curious.

During the demon invasion, when the player passes through the area where he last saw Daniel, nobody can be found but the floor is covered in blood, hinting that Daniel was most likely killed or turned into a zombie.

PDA Contents


Tired of working the crane? (11-15-2145)


I'm considering a promotion for you if you're interested. I'm down an engineer in Reclamation and I think you would be the perfect replacement.

Give it some thought over the next few days and let me know what you think.

Frank Delahue,
Engineering Manager


  • It is possible to shoot Daniel and pick up his PDA to read an e-mail about his possible promotion. However, he most likely never gets it due to the player killing him or the result of the demon invasion.

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