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Dean "deathz0r" Joseph (formerly deathwarrior) is an Australian doomer who reviews for The /newstuff Chronicles and is a co-leader of Unidoom. He is also an administrator and former developer for Odamex, an open source mutiplayer-oriented source port.

He was an operator of #zdoom until an incident on the New Doom forums and was formerly a moderator on Doom Connector, which no longer exists. He was also an operator of #zdaemon until an incident relating to negligence revoked his status, and he was a moderator for the ZDaemon Forums until December 2005, when he was banned from the entire ZDaemon service for questionable reasons.

He also worked on the Unidoom DM series and Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid, contributing to all three Unidoom DM releases in varying degrees. He released deathz0r Online: The Internet Made Stupid on January 9th, 2006, a joke megawad that received mixed reviews, and more recently worked on UDMX, the successor to UDM3.

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