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Death Tormention 3 (released 16 December 2005) is a complete 9 level episode designed and developed by Paul Corfiatis and Kristian Aro. This episode contains one new enemy with its internal Dehacked patch and runs best with ZDoom.

The episode took just over a year to develop and all levels were designed to a give a dark gothic feel. Every level is very large, and contains detail throughout. The episode starts off with a green gothic feel like Thy Flesh Consumed, but emerges into a hellish theme, then bricks, dark cave and ends on a spaceship in which the player must defeat 3 spider masterminds after a long fight against hell knight spectres, cacodemons, former human sergeants and other monsters.

Many Doom 2 textures are present in this WAD to help vary the theme. Most of Paul's recent level designs are inspired by John "Dr Sleep" Anderson's, while Kristian stuck to his own original designs with some inspiration from Paul's designs, particularly E4M1, which is similar to E4M1 of Death Tormention 2.



A Screenshot from E4M7: Carmen's Lair

  • E4M1 - The Unholy Aquaduct (Kristian Aro "aka Nebula")
  • E4M2 - Roelfenstine (Paul Corfiatis)
  • E4M3 - Valley of Whispers (Kristian)
  • E4M4 - Erebus Furnace (Paul)
  • E4M5 - The Badlands (Kristian)
  • E4M6 - Twin Peaks - (Kristian)
  • E4M7 - Carmen's Lair (Paul)
  • E4M8 - Emancipation of MIMI (Paul)
  • E4M9 - Edge of the World (Paul)
  • E3M9 - Uncontrollable Bleeding (Christopher Harriman)

Hell knight spectre

The hell knight spectre is a partially invisible version of the hell knight found only in E4M8. This enemy replaces the unused Dead lost soul thing. The hell knight spectre has 500 hit points; it also uses the hell knight's Doom2 Alert and Death sounds and is intended to scare the player in the darkest areas of the level. The partially invisible monster attacks the same way as the baron of hell does. The hell knight spectre can fight any enemy (including the baron) except for itself.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

Carmen is a fictional girl that can be found on a wall texture in a secret billiard table room in E4M7. Shooting her will give you access to the BFG9000. She is also visible in E4M9 in the graveyard of the pool characters where she is a Lost Soul in her dug out grave and in the hall of shame room.

The real people who make up Carmen's sprite are unknown.

Spoilers end here.


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