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Doom 3 maps

Delta Complex: Union Aerospace Research Division (also called Delta Labs Sector 5 in the autosave) is the twenty-first level of Doom 3. It is mostly a revisit (though there are a few previously unexplored areas) of various sections of the previous Delta Labs levels, with new and tougher enemies. The player will revisit portions of Delta Labs Level 1, 3, and 4.

From hereon, there will be no more zombies other than commandos. Ticks make their first and only appearance. Once more, the player loses their weapons on the journey back from Hell (with the exception of the Soul Cube) and must collect them all again. The player comes across a wounded Swann, who tells him to take his PDA and that Sergeant Kelly is working with the demons.


Email Downloads (Personal Email Inbox)

  • Research Archive / Valuable Sacrificial Pointers




Cabinet Codes


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