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Doom 3 maps

Delta Labs - Level 2a: Union Aerospace Research Division is the sixteenth level of Doom 3. The player goes through the teleporter for the first time, and the BFG 9000 is first received. Before the test subject cells are unlocked, the player can see various interesting scripts for zombies doing stereotypical zombie acts, like eating a corpse, banging their head on a door, etc.


Email Downloads (Personal Email Inbox)

  • Research Archive / The Soul Cube

Video Disks




Cabinet/Door Codes

  • Storage Cabinet #112: Storage - 538
  • Storage Cabinet #113: Storage - Already Open
  • Michael Abrams' office - 931
  • Storage Cabinet #116: Storage - 972
  • Storage Cabinet #114: Storage - 715
  • Storage Cabinet #115: Storage - Already Open


To get the BFG 9000 in this level, the player needs to open the office of Micheal Abrams, but to accomplish this, he must had acquired his PDA some levels previously in the game (Alpha Labs sector 4). So the player needs to remember to check for old PDA data, instead of just searching the PDAs abandoned around in the level; also, the code should be "901" according to Abrams, but istead is changed in "931" because the 0 is not allowed as security code. That's true, as in the entire game, only Martian Buddy's storages, wich are not "private-security" cabinets, have 0 in the numeric code.

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