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Deus Vult

Deus Vult is a four level WAD created by Huy "Doom Marine" Pham. The WAD is extremely hard, in the style of Hell Revealed but with more detailed levels.




Deus Vult map02

Deus Vult is contained in a zip file called It is 6,346,017 bytes in size and contains 24 files, with a full set of Ultra-Violence demos (for PrBoom and ZDoom):

Size Name
218738 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV01-UVMAX2.lmp
1788 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV01-UVMAX2.txt
552158 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV02-UVMAX2.lmp
2964 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV02-UVMAX2.txt
147194 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV03-UVMAX2.lmp
2856 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV03-UVMAX2.txt
366574 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV04-UVMAX2.lmp
5196 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV04-UVMAX2.txt
112606 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV04-UVMAX3.lmp
2889 PRBoom 2.2.4 Demos/DV04-UVMAX3.txt
50802 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV01-UVMAX1.lmp
3124 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV01-UVMAX1.txt
12756 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV02-UV-DRUNKENRETARDED.lmp
412 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV02-UV-DRUNKENRETARDED.txt
19184 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV02-UVMAX1.lmp
2072 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV02-UVMAX1.txt
61336 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV03-UVMAX1.lmp
2902 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV03-UVMAX1.txt
11898 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV04-UVMAX1.lmp
2663 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/DV04-UVMAX1.txt
1089 ZDoom 2.0.63 Demos/The Last Word.txt
164 05-25-2004.txt
15579841 DV.wad
13641 DV.txt

It has the following hashes:


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