This article gives technical information about the Doom II data file. For gameplay information and walkthroughs, see Doom II.

DOOM2.WAD is the IWAD used by Doom II.

Version 1.9 is 14,604,584 bytes in size and contains 2919 entries. It has the following hashes:


Older versions

VersionFile dateSize (bytes)MD5 hash sum
1.666g 8-29-94 14824716 d9153ced9fd5b898b36cc5844e35b520
1.666g 8-30-94 14824716 d9153ced9fd5b898b36cc5844e35b520
1.666 8-25-941 14943400 30e3c2d0350b67bfbf47271970b74b2f
1.666 8-29-94 14943400 30e3c2d0350b67bfbf47271970b74b2f
1.666 8-30-94 14943400 30e3c2d0350b67bfbf47271970b74b2f
1.666 9-20-94 14943400 30e3c2d0350b67bfbf47271970b74b2f
1.7 9-21-94 14612688 ea74a47a791fdef2e9f2ea8b8a9da13b
1.7a 10-18-94 14612688 d7a07e5d3f4625074312bc299d7ed33f
1.8 1-20-95 14612688 c236745bb01d89bbb866c8fed81b6f8c

1. This file, dated 8-25-94, is considered a pirated copy by id Software (it cannot be patched via [1].

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