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Doom Classic Complete is a Doom compilation that is available for the PS3 and PC. For the PS3 it is available through the PlayStation Store. On the PC it is available through Steam.


Playstation 3 Version

Doom Classic Complete marks the first time that Doom 2, the complete Final Doom and the Master Levels of Doom 2 have been released on a Playstation console. This port has the following features:

  • The same censorship seen in Doom 3: BFG Edition is present: medpacks have a pill icon instead of the Red Cross, and the levels MAP31: Wolfenstein and MAP32: Grosse have been modified.
  • Save games during a level, but no option of quicksaving/quickloading.
  • Quick access to the weapon slots on the D-pad, in order: Up is the Chaingun and Pistol; Left is the Rocket Launcher, the Chainsaw and the Fists; Down is the Super Shotgun and the Shotgun; and Right is the Plasma Gun and the BFG.
  • Trophy support, with 6 silver trophies and 7 bronze trophies.
  • Online Leaderboards, which track the levels' completion time.
  • The Yellow keycard bug in MAP31: Pharaoh has been fixed.
  • The Master Levels now have an order for singleplayer.
  • Support for both online and split-screen multiplayer and coop for up to 4 players. However, playing on split-screen causes severe framerate drops and can hinder considerably the experience. Trophies cannot be earned in multiplayer.
  • The soundtrack has a lowered pitch, and as a result is noticeably low res compared to the PC. Also, some sounds have variations in pitch too. No support for the original Playstation soundtrack either.
  • No option for aiming up and down.

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