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The Doom Honorific Titles (DHT) were an early form of competitive Dooming, begun in 1994. Players could ask for a level to be randomly chosen from either Doom or Doom II, in one of several difficulty classes. Upon submitting a valid demo (referred to as an "exam") in a particular style, they would be considered to have earned that title.

Initially, the following titles were awarded:

  • Doom Master: a player that can finish any level on Ultra-Violence.
  • Doom Grand Master: a player that can finish any level on Nightmare!.
  • Doom Tyson: a player that can finish any level on Ultraviolence with 100% kills, using only the fist, pistol, and chainsaw as weapons.
  • Doom Grand Ass Kicker / Doom God: a combination of the three titles above.

As time went on, a few new categories were proposed, such as Pacifist and Reality.

The idea for DHT is credited to Frank Stajano. Notable speedrunners of this era included George Bell, Steffen "Rini" Udluft, Kai-Uwe Humpert, Frank "Jesus" Siebers, Thomas "Panter" Pilger, Yonatan Donner, Richard J. Sham, Jonathan "Hunter" Hoof, Andreas "Anthe" Kren, Adam Williamson, and Steffen Winterfeldt.

When interest in DHT declined due to the rising popularity of Compet-N, Bell and Udluft maintained their own speedrun archives for Tyson and pacifist styles, respectively, until those categories were added to Compet-N in 1998.


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