The original timeline given for early Doom games covering Doom to Doom 64. It may or may not still be part of the overall Doom multiverse timeline, depending on the placement of Doom 3 as either a sequel or prequel to Doom to Final Doom, or even possibly an interquel before Doom 64 (which appears to be last place the marine was left before events of Doom (2016).


Noteably, Doom (and the early sequels) does not have clear dates for when events take place. It is implied to take place during early 21st century in a couple of early sources (tie-in novels and SNES manual, and possibly a few other sources), and there are only a few references to amount of time between games. Only the SNES manual gives any 'clear dates' for the start of Doom 1. Otherwise there really isn't much of a timeline to actually list.

It is not clear how or if this timeline still relates to the overall ID multiverse timeline, however certain details in Doom RPG, and Doom 3 BFG Edition appear to indicate that Doom 3 is probably a prequel to the rest of the doom series (and in reference to the protangist's time on Mars as mentioned in the original Doom manual)... However if this timeline's dates are still valid, it would mean Doom 3 takes place after Doom 1/2, and almost a century later.

Tom Hall has indicated that the protagonist of Doom (B.J. Blazkowicz III) is the descendent of the main characters from Wolfenstein and Commander Keen series. He is the son or grandson of Commander Keen.[1][2] And Quake Champions also confirms that Doom Slayer from Doom 2016 is the same character as those in Doom 1-3. But again does not offer a clear timeline on how they all link together.

Assuming that this timeline is still considered reliable... it would require some kind of time travel or paradox for the Doom guy to predate his appearance in Doom 3, or at least extreme longevity in the character (almost immortal James Bond quality to the character).

Tom Hall's comments that he is the son (if not grandson) of Commander Keen, may support that this timeline is still valid in some way. Since Keen grew up in the late 1980-90s and likely would have had a son in the late 20th century, or early 21st century. Whereas if he is his grandson, could stretch it later (it is not known what longevity of humans are in the 22nd century when Doom 3 takes place)...

Another possibility not confirmed is that Doom (1-3/Doom 2016) character is really the father of Doom 3's character or that they are clones (as is offered as a possible suggestion in Doom RPG, possibly even sharing same memories). If the latter is true, its possible that, his life has been extended by having replaced his body over time (oddly enough this could make the character both the son and grandson of Commander Keen in a way).

Classic Doom (Original Doom Games)

(Includes Ultimate Doom, Doom II, No Rest for the Living, Final Doom, and Doom 64.

  • 2018 - The military, UAC's biggest supplier, has used the remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, including research on inter-dimensional space travel.[3]
  • 2019 - The Marine assaults a superior officer, and is transferred to Mars, home of the Union Aerospace Corporation.
  • 2021 - July 1 - DOOMNL 01-D19305-1C is published.[4]
  • 2022[5]
    • March 15 - Mars receives a message from Phobos base stating that the base is under attack and requesting backup.[6]
    • A few hours later, the marines land and try to stop the invasion. The Marine is ordered to stay behind and protect the perimeter. The marine forces are wiped out or turned into monsters. Planetary authorities send the final Marine the new DOOMNL 01-D19505-1D replacing earlier manual (now including briefing for the Marine, and images from the invasion captured by remote video cameras. The video data was computer analyzed by the UAC and the results are provided "here and only here"). The Marine leaves the escape pod vowing to destroy the invasion force.
    • Doom begins
    • Doom II begins
    • No Rest for the Living begins.
    • The Plutonia Experiment begins.
  • 2023 (or at least a year after Plutonia Experiment[7])
    • TNT: Evilution begins.
    • The fatigued marine is decommissioned, and the military DOOM Episodes are classified. The UAC's bases are sealed, and quarantined by radioactive bombardment.
  • Years Later[8]
    • Doom 64 begins. The Doom Marine is re-commissioned to stop a new threat, from a deepspace installation he once fought the Demons at.


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