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This article contains the various timelines created by various developers of Doom games. Including iD software, Midway, and Bethesda software and others.

Classic Doom (Original Doom Games):

(Includes Ultimate Doom, Doom II, No Rest for the Living, Final Doom, and Lastly Doom 64.)

Note: Doom does not have clear dates for when events take place. It is implied to take place during early 21st century in a couple of early sources (tie-in novels and SNES manual, and possibly a few other sources), and there are only a few references to amount of time between games. Only the SNES manual gives a 'clear dates' for the start of Doom 1. Otherwise there really isn't much of a timeline to actually list.

  • 2018 - The military, UAC's biggest supplier, has used the remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, including research on inter-dimensional space travel.[1]
  • 2019- The Marine assaults a superior officer, and is transferred to Mars, home of the Union Aerospace Corporation.
  • 2021 - July 1 - DOOMNL 01-D19305-1C is published.[2]
  • 2022[3]
    • March 15 - Mars receives a message from Phobos base stating that the base under attack and requesting backup.[4]
    • A few hours later, the marines land and try to stop the invasion. The Marine is ordered to stay behind and protect the perimeter. The marine forces are wiped out or turned into monsters. Planetary authorities send the final Marine the new DOOMNL 01-D19505-1D replacing earlier manual (now including briefing for the Marine, and 'images from the invasion captured by remote video cameras. The video data was computer analyzed by the UAC and the results are provided "here and only here"). The Marine leaves the escape pod vowing to destroy the invasion force.
    • Doom Begins
    • Doom II Begins
    • No Rest for the Living begins.
    • Plutonia Experiment begins.
  • 2023 (or at least a year after Plutonia Experiment[5])
    • TNT:Evilution begins.
    • The fatigued marine is decommissioned, and the military DOOM Episodes are classified. The UAC's bases are sealed, and quarantined by radioactive bombardment.
  • Years Later[6]
    • Doom 64 begins. Doom Marine is re-commissioned to stop a new threat, from a deepspace installation he once fought the Demons at.

Doom 3

(Doom 3, Resurrection of Evil, The Lost Mission, Doom Resurection)

Doom RPG

(Doom RPG, Doom RPG II, Doom II RPG Comic, Wolfenstein RPG, UAC Website[10])

Note: Doom RPG only has a few given dates most of them are taken or based on dates from Doom 3 including a tie in UAC website made for it and inspired by Doom 3 Novels (the website also introduces more information about Doom 3 related characters such as Ian Kelliher and his father both from the novels). The exact date for when Doom RPG begins is not given, but appears to be set in late 2145 (the UAC website itself is under 'lockdown' from the events from the games Doom RPG/Doom 3). In addition there are some tie-in connections between Doom II RPG and Doom Resurrection (another Doom 3 spinoff game), but the date for that game can be found in the Doom 3 section above.

  • 20th century (c. 1940s)  - Wolfenstein RPG
  • 1993 - The date that original Doom was released, its setting and scenario is strangely similar to events that will happen in the future at least a hundred years later.[11][12]
  • 2015 - Union Aerospace Corporation is founded by Thomas Kelliher on earth..[13]
  • 2025 - UAC makes its name in the famous Joint Mars Expeditions.
  • 2112 - First structure of the first permanent Martian settlement is built, in what is known as Sector 4 (it is the oldest human colony on the planet).[14]
  • 2114
    • Dr. Jensen received his Ph.D from Union States Institute of Technology, Northeast (USITNE).[15]
    • October 10, 2114 - Birth of Ted Brown II.[16]
  • 2122 - Dr. Kelvin begins working for the UAC.[17]
  • 2138 - Dr. Jensen begins working for UAC's Advanced Research Department.[18]
  • 2142 - Dr Jensen begins working on Mars.[19]
  • 2143
    • Dr. Geurard joins the teleportation research team.[20]
    • December 22, 2143 Chainsaw scheduled for refurbishment the following year. Zachary wishes everyone Happy Holidays.
    • 2144 - Union Aerospace Corporation introduces their new website.[21]
    • January 1, 2144 - Chainsaw is repaired.
    • January 8, 2144 Director Castle orders everyone not to tend to anything in the Atrium 02 until they find out what has killed everything.
    • January 12, 2144 - Xanax captures specimens following primary portal grid powerup. He successfully suspends them in stasis for further study.
    • January 13, 2144 - Zanax at the Lunar Outpost receives confirmation from Dr. Geurard on Mars that he has encountered similar fauna in his research.[22]
    • January 16, 2144
      • M. Burns asks Chris to see what can be done about a unit. He couldn't touch the Echo Sierras until his new parts arrived from Earth.
      • J. Klein sees pressure anomalies in the coolant tanks at Cichus, caused by recent power spikes.
    • January 21, 2144 - Zachary looks for inconsistent behavior in computers at Tychus after reports.
    • February 4, 2144 - Zachary can't calibrate flow meters until Mixom tech gets down and serves a tank.
    • February 5, 2144 - Zanax at Keplar Site finds that the creatures are highly resistant to pain and injury, which has made specimen acquisition troublesome. It has been difficult acquiring them without killing them.
    • February 6, 2144 - Zanax research continues. He discovers from field reports that the creatures exhibit varying tolerance for different types of weapon attacks. He indicated that further research would be needed to discover most efficient way of subduing the creatures.
    • February 7, 2144
      • Third repair work order put in for the elevator in Keplar Site. It still hadn't been fixed.
      • Xanax Zanax on the Lunar outpost classifies specimen as an "imp" or possibly a "Gwocklego" according to his assistant.
    • February 8, 2144 - Zanax discovers that imp is particularly resistant to stasis suspension, but system is stable, but that that researchers should be careful when handling..
    • February 12, 2144 - J.Klein sees intermittent heavy loads on the power griad, but isn't able to find the source yet.
    • February 26, 2144 - Scientists in the Greenhouse at Keplar Site on the moon manage breakthroughs.
    • Febrary 27, 2144 - Cargo personnel begin reporting that their Manifest Database is having issues. A new power supply is ordered to see if it will fix the problem.
    • March 3, 2144 - R. Zachary installs new systems on the UAC Lunar Outpost, and Rhoomba 5000.
    • March 10, 2144 - Upgrades completed by Zachary. Everything checks out ok. He made his reports to tech 009 (Chris Sukut).
    • March 17, 2144 - Strange things begin happening to machines on the Lunar Outpost.
    • March 24, 2144 - Air, water and septic life supports still functioning but odd data reports. C. Sukut calls in a specialist. Zachary has gone missing.
    • October 10, 2144 - David Kramer forgets to send a birthday present to Ted Brown II.
  • 2145
    • Union Aerospace Corporation updates their website again.[23]
    • Dr. Nadira joins the Mars Outpost.[24]
    • October 2145 - Caldex is hired to work on the Lunar Outpost.[25].
      • October 10, 2145 - Ted Brown II receives a birthday gift from Kramer, its hidden in secret room.
    • Date Unknown - The Doom Marine (known as B.J. Blazkowicz (Doom RPG)) investigates strange reports going on at the Mars Outpost[26] The UAC marines are involved in the Mars Incident[27] when demons take over the base. He defeats the diaboloical Dr. Kronos and his Cyberdemon creation in a showdown with the legions of Hell. At least according to UAC propaganda, there were known survivors from the incident (it is not clear where the Marine ended up).[28][29]
    • Most of the UAC website is temporarily secured. The Earth Assemblies Secretary of Security has classified some content pending its investigation into the UAC's involvment in recent events on Mars.
  • 2146[30]
    • November 20, 2146 - Stan Blazkowicz, O'Riley, and Major Morgan travel to Tycho Station on the Moon, teleports to UAC Administration Headquarters on Earth, and through Hell, and saves the universe from demons, at one point even defeating the Harbinger, another Cyberdemon his ancestor had defeated centuries before.

Doom 2016

Note: Most of these dates are also listed with the designation "MTC". This is a reference to "Coordinated Mars Time".[31] Some additional dates appears in Art of Doom, some of these dates appear to be from earlier concepts and in some cases shifted about in the final game see below.

  • 21st Century
    • Early; Water is discovered on Mars. Very little happens in way of colonization, except exploration over the next century.
    • Late; Advanced Rocket Launcher is developed.
  • 2019 - Samuel Hayden is born.
  • 2095 - The Argent Fracture is discovered. Argent plasma was discovered in a trench on Mars by an expedition from the SS Amundsen.
  • 2096 - The Union Aerospace Corporation established an outpost on Mars to extract Argent plasma from the Argent Fracture.
  • 2122
    • March 10 - A statue of the Praetor Suit was excavated (Artifact U9) from Site 3.
  • 2124
    • November 16 - Two Ancient Sentinel statues were excavated (Artifact J46) from Site 1.
  • 2127 - The Argent Tower is completed.
    • 6 Months Later - Samuel Hayden transfers his mind over to a cyborg to continue his existence, after his body breaks down due to Stage 4 Cancer.
  • 2136 - The Advanced Research Complex is completed.
  • 2143 - During one of the first teleporter explorations, the Corrax tablets are retrieved from Hell in a UAC Automated Survey.
  • 2145
    • 128 - The first Project Lazarus Manned Expedition is sent to Hell. The expedition ends with complete loss of human life, but achieved its mission. The sarcophagus of the Doom Marine is recovered from Kadingir Sanctum.
  • 2146
    • Industrial accident related deaths in the Foundry dropped significantly thanks to new UAC safety protocols where employees exposed to dangerous materials are sent to the Lazarus Labs.
    • 351
      • The first Project Lazarus Tethering Operation is conducted.
      • Pinkies are discovered for the first time.
      • The "vade mecum" compendium is recovered from the Umbral Plains containing information on the Aranea Imperatrix.
  • 2147
    • 016 - The second Project Lazarus Tethering Operation is conducted. The expedition ends in an confrontation with the Hell Guard.
  • 2148
    • 177 - The second Project Lazarus Manned Expedition is sent to the Great Steppe. The expedition ends with similar losses. The petrified remains of a Baalgar demon is recovered.
  • 2149
    • c. February - The Argent Facility - UAC base had its last accident.[32]
    • October - Doom 2016 Begins.[33]
    • December - Indentured servants on the offworld Tei Tenga Mining Station were replaced with robotic workers, optimal output expected to return to normal by this date.


  • First age
  • Second age
  • Third age
  • Fourth age

Other material

Doom 3 novels:

Note: The Doom 3 novels and Doom 3 game have very different dates for when the events of the story take place. The novels place the outbreaks earlier in the year during March 2145, where as it was November in the game. Other details throughout are very different than in the game as well (including number of individuals who landed on Dropship, the number of survivors, as well as characters who do not appear in the game, and the final outcome of the Marine). However it is notable that at least some of the original material from the novels had influence on Doom RPG's extended lore (some of that information can be seen in its own section above).

  • 2-1,000,000 B.C.[34] Ancient Martian civilization is built.
  • 400,000 B.C. - Height of the Martian civilization.[35]
  • 90,000-10,000 - Ancient languages develop on earth, some may have originated from Mars.[36]
  • 1944 - Since 1944 global warming begins changing the earth until it is unrecognizable in 2144.[37]
  • 1962 - A sci-fi movie "To Serve Man" about the 1950's is made.[38]
  • 2078 - Destruction of the old Pentagon. New building designed to replace it in Wyoming.[39]
  • 2095 - Great medical breakthroughs are developed over the next half century.[40]
  • 2126 - Military Council Ruling is inacted.[41]
  • 2135[42]
  • 2144[43]

Art of Doom (2016)

Note: The book also mentions "AE" designation along with the "MTC" designation but there is no explanation (it is used for the 1366 date, and just talks about it being in UAC's archives).

  • c. 149 First recorded trans dimensional encounters with demons and humans apparently on Earth.[45]
  • 1366
    • 88 - First time demonic races were documented by humans (this may also be associated with Argent D'nur).
  • 2049 - Plans for the colonization of Mars begins. UAC, Mixom and I/O Logistics lay down the Foundation of a new civilization on Mars.
  • 2100
    • 000 - Early tethering operations firsthand discover possibility of species-demon hierarchy.
  • 2115 - A region known as the Well is discovered on mars.[46]
  • 2117 - Argent facility construction.
  • 2127 - Argent facility is completed on Mars. Samuel Hayden dies.
  • 2136 - Advanced Weaponry Division is completed.
  • 2143 - UAC automated survey
  • 2144 - Early manned UAC Expedition to hell.[47]
  • 2145 -
  • 2146 -
    • 118 - Twins demon is discovered.[48]
    • 351 - Pinkies discovered.
    • 385[49]
  • 2147
    • 016 - They recover a hell warden.[50]
  • 2148
    • 139 - Doomed UAC Trans-Dimensional Expedition most of the explorers were set upon by Barons of Hell.[51]

Doom (2005 film/novel)

Note: Most of the specific dates only appear in the film version, but a few additional dates including characters ages can be interpreted from the novel version from films dates.

  • 1986 - Todd Carmack was born.
  • 2026 - Archeologists working in the Nevada desert discover the Ark portal to ancient city on Mars at Papoose Lake.[52] Grimm's parents were among the first scientists to travel to Olduvai on Mars.
  • 2027 - The Kid is born.
  • 2036 - Last time John Reaper saw his sister, before she travelled to study on Mars.
  • 2046 - Research has gleamed no results. Film/Novel begins.

Doom novels timeline

Quake series

  • The Arena Eternal is an extradimensional structure created by the Vadrigar and populated with the greatest warriors in all of time and space. The Doom Marine, and other survivors of Phobos invasion: Crash, and Phobos were brought there from their eras to fight.
  • Ranger is brought in from his own era to fight as well.
  • 21st Century-The Global Defense Force, or GDF, is a supranational paramilitary organization, formed in the mid-21st Century from a large pool of national military organizations and relief agencies, to combat increasingly severe weather events, other natural disasters and terrorist campaigns, as well as to keep the peace in historically unstable regions such as the Middle East. It was created shortly before the Strogg invasion of Earth. The GDF is a fencible military, as opposed to the Space Marine Corps which is expeditionary.
  • The Strogg invaded Earth in the mid-21st Century in search of biological components. The Strogg invaded the Earth in the middle of its 21st Century period, taking its inhabitants completely by surprise. Their large invasion fleet arrived in orbit over the world seemingly out of nowhere, and its ground forces quickly proved themselves a dire threat to the existence of Mankind. By the mid-21st century humanity is fighting for its survival against the hostile alien threat seeking to end the Strogg once and for all by invading their homeworld.
  • Doom 3 references to Quake: Quake-43, Quakecon Games and Hunter (character).
  • The "Armstrong" was an Orbital Space Station in low orbit around the Earth. During the Strogg invasion of Earth, it was used by the U.A.C. to study and store creatures and weapons developed on Mars. When the Strogg invaded Earth, the station had been turned into an Orbital Defense Platform, but it was ultimately taken down by the Strogg. During this incident, Kane found an old U.A.C. weapon which he used to survive. He turned out to be the only survivor of this attack, but United Nations kept him quiet about this incident, leading to rumors that the weapon wasn't all he had found.
  • Doom imagery appears in Quake III Arena. The image of a Lost Soul on the lower side of Anarki's board. Another typical Doom image (Demonic head in a pentagram) can be seen on the back of Biker's jacket. There are also several images of the Icon of Sin appearing as wall decorations on some of the maps.
  • BFG 10K (the next model after BFG 9K) appears in Quake II and Quake II Arena.

ID universe timeline

See also

Doom Bible

(Includes all events described or mentioned in the Doom Bible document by Tom Hall) The Doom Bible may of be some interest to individuals looking into the history of Doom's development. While the unused storyline doesn't have any dates to make a specific timeline (other than characters ages) there is at least a detailed list of events.


  • Originally 'Classic Doom' was apparently seen as taking place in the 21st century (as also seen in Dafydd novels, and SNES Doom manual). Doom 3  (and Doom 2016) created a new timeline setting the events of that game in the 22nd century (2140s).
  • Sam is a character who appears in Doom Resurrection and Doom II RPG. His final outcome is confirmed in Doom II RPG.
  • Garret from Doom Resurrection is also mentioned in Doom II RPG.
  • On the Doom RPG: "Doom RPG is a first-person turn-based role playing game set in the Doom reprise the role of the Doom Marine made famous in the groundbreaking id Software titles Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3. Say goodbye to humdrum mobile gaming and prepare yourself for the return to Mars in a showdown with the legions of Hell!"
  • On Doom 2016 (at least initially it was not a 'reboot' but it has undergone at least three revisions (the second was very different[53]) so is unclear how much of first revision 'survived'): "It's not a sequel to Doom 3, but it's not a reboot either. Doom 3 was sort of a reboot," Hollenshead told Gamestop. "It's a little bit different than those, and if I told you why, I would get my ass kicked when I got back. So I'll just have to leave it at that."[54]
  • The introduction in the Doom 3 BFG Edition manual implies that the characters from several games are the same individual, and they represent his adventures: "Step into the boots of DOOM Marine and experience his adventures for the first time, or all over again.  Featuring enhanced versions of DOOM 3, DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil and the all new DOOM 3: The Lost Mission, plus the classics DOOM and DOOM II, DOOM 3 BFG Edition is the consummate DOOM experience. Interestingly this seems to go as far to suggest that the marine in Resurrection of Evil is the same marine as Doom 3 (which if true would have to suggest that Marine combat engineer actually did know the nature of the previous incident despite what the manual suggests). However, it also seems to imply that the Bravo Marine in Lost Mission is the same marine, but this is impossible as its timing overlaps with events of Doom 3 (only 6 hours into the invasion).
  • The Soul Cube appears in Doom (2016) a reference to Doom 3.


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