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All of Doom's music was composed by Robert Prince. The new episode added in The Ultimate Doom did not add any new tracks and only used songs from the first three episodes.

Track name Levels MIDI Possibly based on or inspired by
At Doom's Gate E1M1 d_e1m1 D.R.I. - Hooked (the intro riff, for example), King Diamond, Metallica - No Remorse, Pantera, Blackmayne, Slayer, or Alan Reeves - The Chase1
The Imp's Song E1M2 d_e1m2
Dark Halls E1M3 d_e1m3 Slayer "Criminally Insane"
Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) E1M4 d_e1m4 Pantera "Rise" or Helmet "Unsung"
Suspense E1M5 d_e1m5 -
On The Hunt E1M6 d_e1m6 Believer "Sanity Obscure"
E3M6 d_e3m6
Demons On The Prey E1M7 d_e1m7 -
E2M5 d_e2m5
E3M5 d_e3m5
E4M8 d_e2m5
Sign Of Evil E1M8 d_e1m8 -
E3M4 d_e3m4
Hiding The Secrets E1M9 d_e1m9 Alice in Chains "We Die Young" (the drumming in particular is identical, albeit faster)
E3M9 d_e3m9
E4M9 d_e1m9
I Sawed The Demons E2M1 d_e2m1 AC/DC "Big Gun", also comparable to Helstar "Burning Star"
The Demons From Adrian's Pen E2M2 d_e2m2 Metallica "The Call Of Ktulu", also comparable to Devil Doll "Mr. Doctor"
Intermission from DOOM E2M3/Intermission Music
d_e2m3/d_inter Pantera "Regular People (Conceit)"
They're Going To Get You E2M4 d_e2m4 -
Sinister E2M6 d_e2m6 James Horner "Going After Newt", similar to Candlesmass "Gothic Stone"
Waltz Of The Demons E2M7 d_e2m7 -
E3M7 d_e3m7
E4M5 d_e2m7
Nobody Told Me About id E2M8 d_e2m8 -
Untitled (Mouth For War) E2M9 d_e2m9 Pantera "Mouth For War"
E3M1 d_e3m1
Donna To The Rescue E3M2 d_e3m2 Judas Priest "Leather Rebel"
Deep Into The Code E3M3 d_e3m3 Slayer "Behind The Crooked Cross"
Facing The Spider E3M8 d_e3m8 S.O.D. "Sargent D & The S.O.D.", also comparable to Slayer "Silent Scream" and Venom "Red Light Fever"
Intermission from Doom Title Music d_intro2 -
The End Of DOOM Victory Music d_victor
Sweet Little Dead Bunny Endgame Music d_bunny
  1. Exactly which song "At Doom's Gate" is based on has been disputed. Usually suggested are Metallica's "Master of Puppets" and "No Remorse". It is also possible that the song is based on a sequence in "The Family Ghost" by King Diamond (the part can be heard approximately 2:05 into the song). Slayer's "Behind The Crooked Cross" at 1:08 and Blackmayne's "Twilight Of Lear" from their 1985 LP Blackmayne is also possible. The riff, almost verbatim, is also featured in D.R.I.'s "Hooked" from their 1987 LP Crossover and Aria's "Это Pок" (English: "This Is Doom" or "This Is Fate") from their 1985 debut album Мания Величия (English: Megalomania), and possibly Bathory's Sadist. The riff is also featured in the "Deviated Instinct" song "Cancer Spreading" heard in 0:15 into the song. A slightly different version of the riff can be heard in Judas Priest's "Painkiller", at about 0:17. This guitar riff is very common, which is possibly the cause of the confusion.
  2. The Doom IWAD file includes two title screen MIDI lumps, d_intro and d_introa. The latter is used when using OPL MIDI playback (ie. on an Adlib or Soundblaster card).

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