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Dr. Guerard
Dr. Guerard




First appearance

Sector 1

Dr. Guerard is a scientist character in Doom RPG. He is visually distinct from other scientists by his pale white skin, green coat (possibly a reference to Dr. Betruger) and strange red stains on his undercoat (which could be blood However, this is not sure).

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

Dr. Guerard is first encountered in Sector 1. Initially Guerard is helpful to the player, for example opening doors to allow further progress in the game. Various scientists describe a conflict between Guerard and Dr. Jensen, who was fired from the UAC.

Guerard acts in a suspicious manner which attracts the attention of several scientists. For example, he steals a handful of Hydrocon vials. He sometimes appears in locations in seemingly a impossible manner, offering no explanation for how he arrived there.

Guerard's true aims are revealed in Sector 6, where he leads the player and Jensen into a trap. In Reactor, he reveals that he is actually Kronos.

Spoilers end here.

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