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DSDoom (also spelled DS Doom) is a source port for the Nintendo DS, based on PrBoom 2.4.2. It was made by TheChuckster, WinterMute, and Jefklak. The latest official version is 1.2.1. Being a homebrew application, the player must use a DS flash card in order to play it on their DS.


  • All IWADs compatible with PrBoom 2.4.2 are compatible with DSDoom.
  • Both screens render at 320x200 resolution, which is then scaled down to the DS's native 256x192. In addition to making the entire view fit on the screen, this also serves as a form of aspect ratio correction.
  • 3D view runs fullscreen, without the status bar.
  • The second screen displays the automap, including the status bar.
  • The screens used for the 3D view and automap can be swapped by the user.
  • Sound effects with stereo panning.
  • Multiplayer network play using a PrBoom server and the DS's built-in Wi-Fi support.
  • Utilizes the PrBoom 2.4.2 configuration file.

Limitations and bugs

  • Certain buttons on the DS instead act as the default keyboard keys used by PrBoom. Sadly, this means that a configuration file utilizing non-standard keys can render the port completely inoperable.
  • Configuration file changes are not saved.
  • Save games can become corrupted and unusable.
  • There is no music support.
  • Crashes, while uncommon, do occur.
  • DSDoom does not make use of the DS's hardware-based 3D rendering capability, because of porting problems.

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