The player controls the same unnamed Marine, that was in Ultimate Doom. The entire map is composed of 13 (may be inaccurate) sectors filled imps, zombies, sergeants, demons and lost souls. Just before the character appears two keys - yellow and blue. What's interesting - in some places on the floor does not have a texture - just visible in the background. If you decide to play the ultra-violence skill level, can greatly regret - the level of difficulty just crazy >:)


Demonstration of full map level from XWE 1.16 utility

Screenshot Doom 20140628 200738

Player spawn point (show in the up picture)

Screenshot Doom 20140628 203355

The battle with a Cacodemon in "hell" space using double-barrel shotgun (brutal mod is not used, it really is not fake; The first appearance of the walls with holes)

Screenshot Doom 20140628 203634

The new door texture

Screenshot Doom 20140628 203649

Again, open view of background in th floor

Screenshot Doom 20140628 203708

Strange bug with black place (does not display characters, does not display weapons and items)

Screenshot Doom 20140628 203716

Famous rising platform smooth moved into the fifth episode

Screenshot Doom 20140628 203731

Exit in the map (behind the current position the player has a red key, this is the first case where in the first episode, at the initial map the player can collect all three keys)


X-TRAIN, community

X-TRAIN, communitycommunity communitymmunity

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