Eric Fantom




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Portayed by

Ben Daniels

Corporal Eric "Goat" Fantom is a member of the Rapid Response Tactical Squad and a character in the 2005 film Doom.


Goat is a fervent Christian and is shown to be highly introverted and emotionless. He is first reading his Bible. Like most of the characters in the film, Goat shows disgust over Dean Portman's sexually perverse nature.

Goat is the only member of the squad who shows indifference to their leave being cancelled. When the group arrives at the Olduvai Research Facility on Mars, Goat is first paired with Portman. The two search through the Genetics Laboratory, where they find caged animals used for scientific experiments. Moments later, they find a holding cell outside the laboratory, where Portman shocks himself after Goat tells him to touch it. This is the only scene in the film where Goat is smiling.

After finding Dr. Todd Carmack alive, Goat is paired with Reaper. As they make their way back to Genetics, Goat accidentally knocks a cylinder down a flight of stairs and curses, "Goddamn it." He then cuts a cross into his arm with his knife, explaining to Reaper it's because he took God's name in vain. The pair return to Genetics to find all the animals disappeared. After killing a mutated Dr. Olsen, they track down an Imp that leads the rest of the group to the sewers. While searching for both the Imp and Dr. Steve Willits, Goat quotes 1 Peter 5:8 from the Bible, much to Portman's discomfort. Moments after Goat's flashlight goes out, he is attacked by an unknown creature. Reaper kills the Imp and finds a mortally wounded Goat bleeding to death. Goat is taken to Dr. Samantha Grimm's laboratory, where attempts to revive him are unsuccessful and he is pronounced dead. Later, Goat is resurrected as a result of becoming infected with the C24 virus. When Goat awakens, he watches as Samantha performs an autopsy on the Imp that killed him. As Duke and Samantha watch from afar, Goat commits suicide by repeatedly bashing his head on the window in order to prevent himself from turning. Samantha realizes that the Imp that killed Goat is actually a mutated Dr. Willits.