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Plutonia music was completely derived from the original Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth. The table below shows where the music in each level was originally used.
Track Name Level Uses in Doom I & II
The Imp's Song MAP01: Congo E1M2
Dark Halls MAP02: Well of Souls E1M3
On The Hunt MAP03: Aztec E1M6, E3M6
Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names) MAP04: Caged E1M4
Hiding The Secrets MAP05: Ghost Town E1M9, E3M9, E4M9
Sign Of Evil MAP06: Baron's Lair
MAP31: Cyberden
E1M8, E3M4, E4M1
I Sawed The Demons MAP07: Caughtyard
MAP27: Anti-Christ
The Demons From Adrian's Pen MAP08: Realm
MAP28: The Sewers
Deep Into The Code MAP09: Abattoire E3M3, E4M3
Demons On The Prey MAP10: Onslaught
MAP18: Neurosphere
E1M7, E2M5, E3M5, E4M8
Sweet Little Dead Bunny MAP11: Hunted Doom I endgame Music
Facing The Spider MAP12: Speed E3M8
Donna To The Rescue MAP13: The Crypt E3M2, E4M2
Nobody Told Me About id MAP14: Genesis
MAP32: Go 2 It
Waltz Of The Demons MAP15: The Twilight E2M7, E3M7, E4M5
Untitled MAP16: The Omen E2M9, E3M1
At Doom's Gate MAP17: Compound
MAP29: Odyssey of Noises
Suspense MAP19: NME E1M5, E4M4
Message For The Archvile MAP20: The Death Domain
MAP26: Bunker
MAP20, MAP26
- MAP21: Slayer
Endgame Music
Doom II endgame music
The Dave D. Taylor Blues MAP22: Impossible Mission MAP08, MAP14, MAP22
Bye Bye American Pie MAP23: Tombstone MAP23
In The Dark MAP24: The Final Frontier MAP06, MAP12, MAP24
Adrian's Asleep MAP25: The Temple of Darkness MAP25
The End of DOOM MAP30: The Gateway of Hell Doom I victory Music
- Intermission Music Doom II intermission music
- Title Music Doom II title music


  • Levels 1-19 and 27-32 use music from Doom.
  • Levels 20-26 use music from Doom II.

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