Fire Dust is an material found in the crust of Tei Tenga. It is mentioned in the Doom Bible.


Fire Dust is mentioned in the Doom Bible, and is a volatile combustible rocky material, similar to Phosphorus. Fire Dust was discovered  in the caves of Tei Tenga, most specifically the Anomaly where it is mined and either shipped or sent to the Labratories for study.

Two textures, one of which is a FLAT were made for Red Dust, however due to being discarded along with most of the Doom Bible they became Hell textures.


The uses of Fire Dust are unknown, if it is a form of Phosphorus, it is possibly used in fertilizer, safety matches, LEDs, and Incendiary shells. If it is not a form of Phosphorus, it is likely, it is used for Teleporters, and Plasma weaponry such as the Plasma gun, and BFG2704 (Later BFG9000)


Fire Dust is name for it's ability to be reactive and combustible with the atmosphere of Tei Tenga, meaning that it is a form of Phosphorus or another similar unknown element.

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