Francis Erikson

Maintenance Supervisor


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Delta Labs - Level 2b: Union Aerospace Research Division (emails only)

Francis R. Erikson (Identification Number: 7125-64) was a maintenance supervisor assigned to Level 2 of the Delta Labs on Mars.

Francis' PDA can be found in a Maintenance Corridor. It contains a code for a nearby cabinet.

PDA Contents


Locker code change request (11-02-2145)

A few extra supplies for the Central Security Team will be sent to your area. Please store them in Locker 103, and change the code to 259.

Thank You,
Thomas Sandersen
Delta Security, Clerk

Martian Buddy Cabinet (10-30-2145)


Shipping received one of those dumb Martian Buddy storage cabinets again but no one here can figure out how to open it. Can you go on-line and see if you can find the code? I'll have the guys put it in one of the storage rooms upstairs for you.

Thanks for the help

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