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Unknown (presumed dead)

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Delta Labs - Level 3: Union Aerospace Research Division (audio log only)

Frank Z. Cerano, Ph.D, (Identification Number: 2001-78) was a doctor assigned to Level 3 of the Delta Labs on Mars.

Frank's PDA can be found in the Lower Terminal Office area.

PDA Contents

Audio Logs

Personal Audio Log

This is the personal audio log of doctor Frank Cerano, dated September 19th, 2145.

I've been brainstorming on Betruger's thoughts about achieving sustained, uninterrupted transfers for the teleportation units. Currently, our systems can only build enough of a charge to have the portals open approximately ten to fifteen seconds. It's enough time to get a team through but not enough time to send in some of the heavier equipment. Engineering in the EnPro facility inform me that we can theoretically boost the active portal time to 45 seconds quite easily, but this will require re-routing power from Central Processing and we just can't afford the downtime. The power requirements for the system are astronomical. We're sucking power from three veins in EnPro just to power Chamber 1. I have no idea how we can sustain transfers for longer than 60 seconds without giving serious thought to reorganizing the teleport power grid. I'll sleep on this.

This is doctor Frank Cerano, signing off.


Immediate medical attention (10-23-2145)

Dr. Cerano,

Recently, Delta science team members have reported serious cases of irrational behavior and insomnia. They believe these issues are directly linked to the recent teleportation experiments. Please report to Delta Level 3, ASAP, and assist with medical needs.

Thank You

Assistance Request (11-02-2145)

Dr Cerano,

We currently cannot process your request for additional medical personnel in Delta level 3. As you are aware, the medical staff has experienced serious HR shortages within the past two weeks and cannot take on the additional workload. There are surplus medical kits located in storage room D3-1, across from the lower terminal offices. The code to storage cabinet #317 is 841.

Delta Control

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