Gary Ross

Lead Engineer


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Monorail: Facility Transport (audio log only)

Gary Ross (Identification Number: 3217-4A) was the lead engineer assigned to Site 2 on Mars. He had access to Monorail Security.

Gary's PDA can be found in the Site 2 Transfer Area. The code from his PDA is needed to open the next track door and allow the monorail to continue.

PDA contents


ADS operational (10-23-2145)

Mr. Ross,

This is a quick note to remind you that the new Automated Defense System, at the Delta Labs entrance, is fully operational. Please contact Delta Security with any questions.

Thank You,
Delta Security

RE: Airlock Request (11-04-2145)

As you requested, the Junction 5, Site 2 Airlock code has been updated to 826, this will allow you manually override automated rail sensor systems allowing you to open any of the track doors.

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-03-2145
To: Central Security
From: Gary Ross
Subject: Airlock Request

The Site 2 engineering team will be conducting a few tests on the J5 airlock system next week. We will need to manually override the ARSS for these tests, and request the input code be updated to 826, to conduct the tests.

Thank You.


  • Gary Ross' Identification Number is unique in that it has a letter in it.

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