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Doom RPG Sector 2

Map of Sector 2, showing the "1337" reference in the map structure.

Doom RPG contains a number of references to the geek subculture.

  • Entrance contains a computer supposedly running an Operating System called UACNIX.
  • In Sector 2, the player encounters a locked door. A scientist gives the hint that the code is related to the structure of the level. An examination of the auto-map reveals that the level has been designed to read 1337, which is the code for the door. This is a leetspeak reference.
  • The game contains a number of computer consoles where map data can be downloaded. The player downloads this data using the Unix SCP program.
  • In Sector 2 you find a computer with a conversation log about a party involving DDR (Dance Dance Revolution).
  • Sector 2 also contains a password 042, which is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.
  • Sector 4 contains a malfunctioning computer that displays the message "PC LOAD LETTER", a reference to the movie Office Space.
  • In Sector 5, the player must retrieve security codes from an SQL database, learning the syntax of the SQL SELECT command in the process.
  • A scientist found in the maze in Sector 5 complains about computer game clichés, such as mazes and jumping puzzles.
  • Sector 7 has a computer console reporting an error, the cause of which it attributes to "".
  • In the Destroyed Junction there is a scientist in the yellow key area who says "I'm knee-deep in the dead."
  • Kronos, the main villain in Doom RPG, is possibly named after Kronos (Q'onoS), the Klingon homeworld in Star Trek.
  • To access the debug menu, the player has to press the number keys 3666. However, when somebody looks at their respective letters (it's a mobile game after all) they spell the word "DOOM".

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