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GoldenEye Doom2 is a total conversion for Doom II that includes the following:

  • Single player maps (based on locations from the GoldenEye movie and other James Bond movies)
  • Multiplayer maps
  • Multiple versions:
    • Doom levels only
    • Doom II levels only
    • ZDaemon single WAD version
    • Dehacked version compatible with Doom Legacy and ZDoom 1.22
    • An enhanced EDGE v1.28+ version containing extra features not supported in the Dehacked versions. This consists of extra weapons, enhanced graphics and alternate firing modes, and cutscenes.


The TC includes the following weapons:

  1. Melee
    • Unarmed (punch/kick)
    • Knives (throw)
    • Watch laser (zap)
    • Soviet Tank (blast, crush)
  2. Pistols
    • (2x Silenced) PP7 (single, double action)
    • (2x) Dostovie (single, ghetto)
    • (2x) Cougar Magnum (single, aim, alternate, blast)
  3. Shotgun
    • Automatic Shotgun (single shot, auto)
  4. SMGs
    • (2x) Klobb
    • (2x Silenced) Duestch (auto, burst)
    • (2x) Zmg (auto, ghetto)
  5. Rifles
    • Sniper Rifle
    • KF7
    • (2x) Ak47
  6. Moon Raker Laser
  7. (2x) RCP-90
  8. Misc
    • (2x) Golden Gun
    • Golden PP7
  9. Explosives
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Grenades (normal, impact)
  10. Soviet tank


  • 32 Levels as of April 15, 2006
  • A large arsenal
  • Alternate Firing (e.g Uzi fires Ghetto Style!)
  • High res shell casings which litter the ground
  • A Soviet Tank which you can drive!
  • Enhanced explosions
  • New bullet puff effects
  • Particle Effects
  • Shootable Objects
  • Each enemy uses a different weapon and drops it.
  • Weapons have different onscreen sights.
  • Blood spatter stays on ground.
  • Comes with IWAD freedoom (EDGE version).

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