Grant Baston

Services Supervisor


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Mars City Underground: Union Aerospace Subsystems (audio log only)

Grant F. Baston (Identification Number: 2781-61) was an environmental services supervisor assigned to the Mars City Underground on Mars. His PDA can be found next to his lunch bag by a supply cabinet. The PDA contains a code for opening the cabinet.

Baston is never encountered during the game. He was most likely killed or turned into a zombie when the demons invaded the base.

PDA Contents

Audio Logs

Unexplainable Things

This is Grant Baston, the environmental services supervisor. The date is October 19th.

I've been hearing an alarming number of reports on some, uh... unexplainable things. Being on another planet and working underground has always been a little spooky, so we always have the occasional report of strange things. But what is worrying me is the fact that the number of these reports are up by a lot. People are truly frightened. The rumours we are hearing about experiments from the Delta Complex are not helping. The power fluctuations aren't helping at all either. Having the lights flicker constantly and losing power for several minutes at a time is scaring everyone down here. I'm doing my best to keep people on track, but we're continually short-handed. Someone's reporting in sick almost everyday.

I'll keep my director apprised of the situation and will continue to log reports as I get them.


You're not gonna believe this :) (11-13-2145)

You will not believe this... actually you probably will. The late night security detail couldn't figure out how to open the security cabinets from the security office?!?! I spent the next morning walking them through the steps in the security panels. They didn't realize that you could open both cabinets from the one security panel. Where do they find these people?



Unit Supervisor,

November Security Update for your area, UNDERGROUND MAINTENANCE, has been completed.
Please update the security cabinet code in the Energy Stabilization Unit to 531.

UAC Security

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