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A Green Chaos Serpent in Hexen.

The Green Chaos Serpent is an enemy from Hexen.

They appear as tall serpentine humanoids with large horned heads similar to D'Sparil's steed in Heretic. They belch out highly damaging fireballs, They can also bite the player in melee, however this can be easily avoided because it takes them a long time to perform.

Green Chaos Serpents in Hexen have 250 Hit Points. They first appear on the first hub.


ID # 31 (decimal), 1F (hex)
Hit points 250
Speed 13
Width 32
Height 64
Reaction time
Pain chance 50 (19,6%)
Mass 220
Bits list


Sprites & sounds
Sprite name DEMN
Alert sound
Active sound
Pain sound
Death sound
Melee attack
Ranged attack
Speed 15 map units per tick (525 map units per second)
Damage 5-40
Sprite name DMFX
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