H. Feiner



Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Mars City

"I see here that Sergeant Kelly has requested your immediate attention. Head directly to Marine Command."
― H. Feiner to the Marine [src]

H. Feiner was the receptionist at Mars City and was responsible for greeting all new arrivals.

When the player first arrives at Mars City in Doom 3, H. Feiner gives the player a PDA and then informs him that Sergeant Thomas Kelly is waiting for him at Marine Command. Feiner then goes to work typing up a report. If the player persists in speaking to him, he will simply tell you to move along, and that the last Marine who disobeyed Sergeant Kelly's orders was assigned guard duty at the solid waste facility.

He is not seen again when you return to Mars City after the demon invasion. However, blood can be seen everywhere in his office if it is visited again, hinting that he was either killed or turned into a zombie.


  • If you hover over his shoulder and look at what he's writing, Feiner will write in his report that you are being very rude and are reading everything he types.

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