H3llraich (aka MFG38) is a Finnish Doom modder. He has been a map designer since the summer of 2008, when he got Doom II. At the time, he started experimenting with Doom Builder, first by making simple test maps, then advancing his skills by watching tutorial videos. Later, he also experimented with XWE.

As of late 2012, H3llraich uses his more common nickname MFG38 within the Doom community.

Wads by H3llraich/MFG38



  • Hell's Asylum
  • Stana Prkle


  • Spartan Nightmare
  • I Wanna Be The Hell Veteran


  • Bleeding Skies
  • DooM20.wad
  • The Root of Madness


  • The Stars of Styx
  • I Wanna Be The Hell Veteran: Coop Edition
  • Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation


  • MFG38's Unreleased Abominations

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