This article gives technical information about the shareware Heretic data file. For level information and walkthroughs, see City of the Damned.

HERETIC1.WAD is the IWAD used by the shareware version of Heretic. It is a cut-down version of HERETIC.WAD which contains only the first episode.

Version 1.2 is 5,120,920 bytes in size and contains 1374 entries. It has the following hashes:


Older versions

VersionSize (bytes)MD5 hash sum
1.0 5120300 023b52175d2f260c3bdc5528df5d0a8c


In addition to these official versions, a beta, 3-level version of the shareware IWAD was released on December 20th, 1994, to private testers before the full 9-level 1.0 Shareware IWAD was released on December 23rd, 1994. It is 4095992 bytes in size and contains 1288 entries. It has the following hashes:


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