Han Lee

Administrative Assistant


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Delta Labs - Level 3: Union Aerospace Research Division (audio log only)

Han M. Lee (Identification Number: 1567-77) was an administrative assistant assigned to Level 3 of the Delta Labs on Mars.

Han's PDA can be found in the Chamber 1 Control area.

PDA Contents

Audio Logs

Expedition Team Report

This is the audio log of administrative assistant Han Lee, dated October 16, 2145.

Why is it that I keep getting the crummy jobs? Armor Corp, First Platoon and First Science Team were completely wiped out this morning on their second excursion, and I am the one charged with writing up their reports and sending this information back to Earth next of kin. (sigh) So here I am, first cup of coffee for the day. Five hours of sleep the night before, no shower, and I have twenty dead bodies to fill out paperwork on. I haven't seen their actual corpses but word coming down from the grapevine says that it looks like they have been hacked up pretty good. This has everyone on the base spooked. Betruger is nowhere to be found and there are a lot of questions being asked with no answers from anyone. Last I heard, they were suiting up the next outfit with the new BFGs. Sounds like they weren't taking any chances on this next trip with them packing that kind of firepower.

Missing BFG Guns

This is the audio log of administrative assistant Han Lee, dated October 20th, 2145.

Just when I thought this job couldn't get much worse, it did. Delta scientists sent another group of researchers through the portal two days ago and they failed to return at their scheduled time. Radio transmissions through the research party have gone unanswered. Even our LZ tracking systems can't find them. We fear that they are dead. Losing lives is one thing but losing our proprietary technologies is another. The team was equipped with the newest BFG weaponry. We fear those guns may have fallen into the hands of those that killed them. We don't know who or what is behind that portal, but until we find out where our guns are, I'm suggesting we suspend operations through the portal.

Thank you. End of log.


Security Team info (10-23-2145)


Due to the incident last week, the Delta Security team will be storing additional supplies in cabinets 386 and 387 near the first teleport chamber. We will update the access codes to 836 as soon as the equipment arrives.

Thank You,
Thomas Palena
Delta Security Clerk

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