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Doom 3 maps
"Welcome to my domain! Behold the shape of things to come. The time has come for the forces of Hell to escape their prison and drive Mankind into darkness. Your darkest fears will soon be realized as your soul burns in Hell! There's nowhere to run. I am everywhere. And you will never find the thing you seek!"
― Dr. Betruger to the Marine [src]

Hell is the twentieth level of Doom 3. The player has lost all weapons and ammo through the teleporter. The player must trek through Hell in order to defeat the Guardian (second boss) and retrieve the Soul Cube. The flashlight is unavailable on this level (although it is available in the BFG Edition), but the player has unlimited stamina.


  • Simon Garlick
  • Joshua Hebert (Not collectable in normal gameplay)




Cabinet Codes



  • All of the weapons that were in the classic Doom games can be found in Hell (with the exception of the Super shotgun).
  • At the beginning of this level, when you are caged and then dropped to the ground, you are instantly surrounded by three Imps and bits of ammo on all sides of you. This is very similar to the start of the first level of Episode 3 "Inferno" in Doom 1, which also has three Imps and ammo on all sides of you. (This is assuming that the difficulty setting is on "Ultra Violence" or "Nightmare".)

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