Hell Guards
Attack Damage

Wave of Hell Energy


Ammo (rarely)
Health (rarely)

Found in

The Necropolis (Hell)

Hell Guards are powerful denizens of Hell encountered in Doom (2016) only at the end of the Necropolis, whom must be defeated in order to acquire The Crucible. They are a sort of biological mech, only given life when controlled by a diminutive parasite.

In-Game Description


The borderlands between Titan's Realm and the Great Steppe is home to one of the most ferocious demons yet found - the (biomech) Hell Guard. While there has been no direct human contact with the beast it was discovered by Scout-Bots during the second Project Lazarus Tethering Operation (MTC 2147/016). Confronting this demon signaled the end of the expedition, but the Scout-Bots did manage to send data to the relay beacons before they were destroyed.

A detailed study of the few video frames that were captured before the equipment was destroyed revealed that the Hell Guard is actually a parasite housed within a bone and keratin exoskeleton. The parasite, imbued with enourmous quantities of Hell energy, provides power to the Hell Guards and controls its actions entirely. Before entering the exoskeleton, the Hell Guard exoskeleton is a lifeless husk. Attempts to retrieve the parasite alone has proved fruitless as the uncoupled demon is too weak to survive passage between dimensions. Once coupled however, the demon presents a daunting and relentless enemy.


The parasite worm that controls the exoskeleton itself has a fleshy dark red color and is covered with eye-like light green blisters. It has a round mouth with four mandibles around it.

The exoskeleton is a tall standing, menacing figure which resembles a humanoid creature with no head or neck. It has hooves as feet, like the Baron of Hell and its legs are light brown and flesh-red colored like the rest of the exoskeleton. The chest area has a green radiant rune embedded on it and can open up to give the parasite access to the biomech. It's shoulders possess one shield-like extension covered with spikes on each side to protect the joint that connects the body to its bulky arms which end in claw-like, red hands.

They carry weapons, one of which resembles the weapons from the Doom 3 Guardian of Hell's clubs.

Combat Characteristics

The player will meet three Hell Guards, and will fight with them in two stages:

  • The first Hell Guard is armed with a powerful mace, which also has the ability to use a energy shield, which blocks bullets. In the first phase it can also fire three huge fire crutches or few fire balls, which are replaced in the second phase by a flamethrower-like attack and waves of hell energy.
  • After defeating the first Hell Guard two more will appear. One will try to attack with its melee weapon, the second one will use distance attacks.

Tactical Analysis

In order to defeat the Hell Guard, the player should use the Super Shotgun in close combat and the Gauss Cannon (Heavy Assault Rifle during second "stage") when at middle range. It is also advised to choose the BFG, which can stun the Hell Guard. When the Hell Guard is summoning its fireballs, shoot the green orb to stun the Hell Guard. When the creatures health is very low, the player must come close to it and perform a glory kill to eliminate it by using it huge club and whack to death or pull the worm out and squish it.

In the second phase it is advised to use short range weapons or explosive upgrades such as the Micro Missiles. As in the case of the first one, the player must perform a glory kill in order to eliminate the Hell Guards. After beating the second phase, an altar with The Crucible will appear.

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