Henry Nelson

Plant Manager


Union Aerospace Corporation


Unknown (presumed dead)

Only appearance

Alpha Labs - Sector 4: Union Aerospace Science Division (audio log only)

Henry Q. Nelson (Identification Number: 7977-87) was a plant manager assigned to Sector 4 of the Alpha Labs on Mars. He reported that himself and his employees were hearing strange sounds and voices the month before the demon invasion.

PDA Contents

Audio Logs

Strange Voices...

This is the audio log of plant manager Henry Nelson, dated October 24th, 2145.

I don't know how I should report this, so I'll just talk about what I know and what I need. I've had quite a few employees reporting to me that they've heard strange sounds, like voices talking to them, calling them, even when they were alone. At first I didn't believe them. The guys down here like to kid around, but they assured me they were serious. I ignored the stories at first... until one day, I heard something too. I was working on one of the lift-up service panels and I distinctly heard the voice of someone saying, 'Over here'. I quickly turned to see who was there but the passage was completely empty. I looked around but I didn't see another soul. I even checked the work logs and no one else was working near that area. I don't want to sound crazy here, but my guys and myself are a little spooked and some of the guys are even talking about ghosts. So, to make everyone, including myself, feel a little more comfortable, I'd like to request that a security team make a thorough check of the EFR area.

Thank you. Henry Nelson.


Strange Voices (10-24-2145)


I haven't slept in three days and can't concentrate on work. Ever since Hal's 'accident' everyone's been pretty freaked out. I really thought the guys saying they heard voices were full of shit, but lately I've been hearing them too. I don't know how UAC expects us to work like this.


Missing tools (11-13-2145)


The tools in storage cabinet 064 were missing again today. I'm going to change the combination to 651 this afternoon. Please do me a favor and don't tell Seneca the new combination. I believe he's the one taking my tools all the time...the guy thinks he's a real riot.


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